Chaos Unfurled

What is your duty? To die with a curse on your lips and your finger on the trigger!
— Evocation to the Immortal Emperor

Capitain Hernandez uses his flamer to incinerate the weeping mass of limbs and bodies. The fire suppression system activates, but sprays blood, leaving an even more nightmarish scene. Once it stops, everything becomes eerily quiet; the only sound is that of the footsteps of the acolytes and their troops.

The corridor ends in a T intersection, and Calpurnia and Aenid notice shadowy figures moving into position to shoot. The two acolytes fire first, hitting a couple of targets. Voices scream “Blood for the Blood God!” and a few slugs splatter around the acolytes, but miss. Brandishing large curvy knives, two men in tattered robes charge at the forces of the Imperium; a few of the Order of Varvera troops go down. Aenid mows them down mercilessly. Down the corridor, two more crazed men in robes are shooting with hand-cannons. Rollando and Calpurnia shoot them in turn, and everything goes quiet again; only the sound of sizzling flesh remains. Over the PA system, a voice murmurs, “Impressive…”

The acolytes examine the bodies of their opponents. They have tattoos, scars, and burn marks all over their bodies. Merely looking at them is disturbing and makes one queasy, leaving a coppery taste in the mouth. Their weapons are large but inexpensive, and the curved knives are different from those of the Serrated Query. The men are too big and well-muscled to be Void-born.

The acolytes continue on their search; after about half an hour, they hear the voice again: “What do you hope to accomplish for your Corpse-God?”

At about this time, they reach the main hangar of the shuttle bay, where shuttles were being readied for in-system launch, and where Misericord crew members were nailed alive to the wall; they visibly took a while to die. There is a sense of a malevolent presence watching from all around. The acolytes look for the control room – and hear the shuttle bay doors start to open. The acolytes manage to avoid looking into the Warp, but most of the members of the Order of Varvera are not so lucky.

More bedraggled minions come pouring out of three of the shuttles, screaming: “Blood for the Blood God!” Calpurnia is grazed, while bullets bounce off Aenid and Rollando's armour. Rollando's flamer sweeps a tongue of flame through the ranks of the cultists, and Calpurnia grazes another. After bracing her heavy stubber, Aenid sends a hail of bullets spraying through the cargo bay, and Rollando continues toasting cultists. Calpurnia slings back her lasgun and draws her mono-sword, charging at the closest cultists. There is much dying among the cultists.

With the last of his flamer's capacity, Rollando aims for the fuel system of the closest shuttle and sets it on fire, creating a sizeable explosion and killing several more cultists. Calpurnia slices through another. But more cultists continue to pour from the other shuttles, shooting wildly.

Behind the acolytes, from the open shuttle bay door, something loud and metallic clanks onto the deck, and the unmistakable sound of a chains weapon starts buzzing. Calpurnia, quick as a cat, glances over her shoulder and sees an eight-foot-tall Chaos space marine in red armour, wielding a chain axe and a bolt pistol. The Commissar, yelling an invocation to the Emperor, throws herself at the new opponent, swinging her mono-sword wildly. She buries it into his shoulder and black ichor starts pouring out, but the Servant of the Ruinous Powers merely laughs and backhands her across the face with his bolt pistol. Somehow, Calpurnia remains standing, and that merely makes the enemy laugh some more.

Rollando starts running for a shuttle, hoping to ram one at the lord of Chaos. Blindingly quick, the enemy starts running after Rollando. Calpurnia strikes at the enemy's back with a blow that would have shaken a lesser opponent, but he ignores it entirely. He overtakes Rollando and hits the guardsman's stained glass armour with his chain axe, wounding him. Calpurnia draws her lasgun again and takes aim, then shoots the Chaos lord in the back, momentarily stopping him in his tracks.

“Repent now to the Emperor, and you may yet have time to save your soul,” she snarls.

Rollando tries to grapple and throw the gigantic enemy, but is unable to move so much bulk. He takes another hit from the chain axe and the enemy licks the blood from his axe; Baronet Riksdag starts running towards them. Calpurnia grazes the Chaos space marine again, but Aenid wounds him. The dark one strikes a mortal blow to Rollando, then laughs.

“We will meet again, servants of the Corpse-God,” he says, and he teleports away.

Baronet Riksdag reaches Rollando as he collapses, and stabilizes him. The acolytes manage to cleanse the shuttle bay of cultist minions, but the Chaos lord is gone. The Misericord emerges from the Warp near the Port Wander station, with two giant Warp storms gleaming malevolently on either side. The acolytes realize that they are now as far as one can be and remain under the protection of the Emperor.

And they wonder: why did the Chaos lord repeatedly attack Rollando rather than anyone else?

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