Esha Raine comes to awaken the acolytes at the guest house and tell them the story of the Dancer in the Dark, also known as the Crow Father, as she retrieved it from the Old Songs. According to these tales, the Dancer in the Dark was destroyed. They describe the tattoos of the people who invoked the Crow Father at Port Suffering and Esha Raine identifies them as followers of Seth the Voice.

After they have asked all the questions they can think of, the Death Singer departs. They let Quaesitor Aristarchus sleep in, but finally have to wake him up; Teniente Alvarez is designated to go stir him. Alvarez finds Aristarchus sprawled, looking very frail and aged, but peaceful and happy, with all the cards of his Imperial Tarot strewn about the room. Teniente fearfully wakes him up, and Aristarchus says he just had a most wonderful dream. He requests some tea.

Alvarez warns his companions and Xanthia brings tea for Aristarchus. She examines him and her surroundings, and with a sense of foreboding, detects a critical weakening in the boundaries between the Warp and normal space. Aristarchus does not sense this but invites her to cast her tarot deck. She draws the Tower Reversed, which the Quaesitor feels is a good omen…

  • Attack by followers of Seth the Voice.
  • Esha Raine says something is very wrong, they're obviously not in their normal mind.
  • Aristarchus shoots a surviving attacker before interrogation.
  • Esha Raine takes her tribe away.
  • Abbot Skae is attacked, reportedly by a spirit entity. Aristarchus blames Esha Raine, tells the PCs to go get her.
  • Commissar Jemadar notes that Aristarchus has becoming increasingly short-tempered and distracted, at odds with his previous behaviour. They think something bad is influencing him.
  • They catch up with the tribe, speak to Esha Raine the three women agree to witness a ritual that will render them infertile and kill any man they love. Learn a bit more about backstory, then head back.
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