Population: 22 billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Warp Links: Acreage, Zillerman’s Domain

Geography: Extremely cold nights, extremely hot days at the polar caps and temperate climate at the equator. Fenksworld possesses four mountainous and rocky continents separated by polluted seas and oceans. On the southern polar continent lies Magnagorsk Hive, at the northern polar cap is Nova Castilla, on the western continent is Volg Hive, the capital city of the world and on the eastern continent likes the ruins of Hive Akelia, which collapsed decades ago. Fenksworld has no moons but there is a major network of orbital docks located in geostationary orbit above Nova Castilla to service the vessels of the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Calixis.

Atmosphere and biosphere are both contaminated. Broad spectrum protective vestments are recommended for any exposure to untreated atmosphere or biosphere. Volg Hive in particular is extremely contaminated. Broad spectrum protective vestments and installation of filtering augmentics are recommended for any area of the hive not specified to be hazard-free.

Government Type: Imperial (Adeptus Terra)

Planetary Governor: Josian Reach Sub-Sector Governor Pas Palacius

Adept Presence: very high. Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Astropathic Choir at Nova Castilla), Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Terra

Military: Volg Volunteers (PDF, medium quality, assigned to guard subsector and planetary government buildings), Numerous Volg Regiments (PDF 1st-414th, quality varies, Volg hive), Castillian Finest (~250 regiments of various types, medium to high quality, Nova Castilla), Magnagorsk Frateris Militia (~600 regiments of various types, low to medium quality, plus an additional 1,000 regiments of reserves), The Reclaimers (mercenary units, survivors of Akelia Hive. Numbers unknown. Quality unknown).

Trade: Nova Castilla and Magnagorsk Hives are the leading suppliers of water in the Josian Reach. The planet also exports refined metals, petrochemicals, fissionable materials, chemical compounds, rare isotopes, and labor. Industrial base sufficient to meet local needs.

Notable Locations

Akelia Hive – formerly the manufacturing hub of the planet, Akelia Hive was destroyed 97 years ago. It appears that foundational subsidence led to a rupture in the hive’s main fusion reactors, spewing pressurized plasma throughout the structure, which ignited and eventually collapsed. Only a few million of the hive’s approximately 5 billion inhabitants survived. An investigation by the Adeptus Arbites is ongoing.
The remains of the hive are now home to a large fraction of the survivors, who have been working to salvage anything that can be reclaimed from the hive. They have also formed several mercenary units which specialize in operations on the surface of Fenksworld. These hire themselves out to both Magnagorsk and Nova Castilla, and are well-known for switching sides in a conflict if enough throne gelt is sent their way.

Magnagorsk Hive – constructed over the largest deposits of metals on Fenksworld, Magnagorsk mines and smelts various metals for export to other planets. Following an uprising by cults of the Ruinous powers 317 years ago, the entire hive was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiarchy, and now functions as a single, gigantic cathedral. Deviation from the Imperial Creed is not tolerated, and groups of Frateris militia still patrol the streets seeking the unclean and the heretic for purification with cleansing flame. Unlike Volg (and to a lesser extent Nova Castilla) the mutant is not tolerated in Magnagorsk. During the yearly “Festival of the Sacred Form” virtually the entire population of the hive is mobilized for a week-long purge of the lower hive levels. Such is the fervor and dedication of the masses that prior to the festival the entire contingent of tech-priests for the hive evacuates into orbit.

Nova Castilla Hive – a very traditionalist hive overseen by nobility descended from the Imperial Guard regiments that originally conquered and garrisoned the planet. It specializes in the production of petrochemical products and radioactive isotopes. There is a large Imperial Navy presence at Nova Castilla owing to the presence of the main docking and repair facilities for the subsector fleet in orbit above the hive, and portions of the hive are under the jurisdiction of the Departmento Munitorum.

Volg Hive – originally the foremost hive of the planet, Volg is now widely considered to be the worst place in the sector to live and work. Nevertheless it is still the seat of the planetary and subsector governments. The various Adepta all have a presence on Volg. Rather than growing up or out, Volg hive has grown down, and now occupies several hundred layers beneath the planet’s surface. Other than administration, Volg’s main industry is purification and reclaimation, and the hive purifies water and air, processes the wastes of chemical plants and smelters, and reclaims waste materials. Both Magnagorsk and Nova Castilla ship the vast majority of their contaminants to Volg hive for processing. Volg also serves as the subsector penal facility.

Port Fingers – headquarters and main repair facilities for the Josian Reach sub-sector fleet of the Imperial Navy, Port Fingers hangs above Nova Castilla and is easily visible from the surface when weather conditions permit. The facility is entirely under the control of the Navy, and access is restricted.

Recent History

Fenksworld is currently undergoing a period of political change, as both Magnagorsk and Nova Castilla seek to wrest the seat of planetary and subsector government from Volg. Until the collapse of Akelia Hive, this upheaval took the form of political and economic maneuvering by the leadership of the various hives. When Akelia was destroyed, both Magnagorsk and Nova Castilla seized the opportunity to move against each other while the planetary government was occupied with the disaster. Since then the two hives have engaged in low-level warfare in and around the Fenksworld system and (less often) other areas of the Josian Reach. This has most commonly taken the form of attacks on one another’s outlying facilities and occasional “pirate” raids on each other’s manufactured goods, but there are periodic pitched battles between the two hives as they seek to control the resources formerly claimed by Akelia. Thus far the situation has not risen to a level requiring official intervention, but the sector government and the Adeptus Terra continue to monitor events during the conflict.

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