Maccabeus Quintus

Population: 300 million
Tithe Grade: Exactus Minorus
Geography: Primarily dry plains. One small ocean. Large regions of polar tundra.
Government Type: Ecclesiarchy
Planetary Governor: Hierarch Hyrcanus CXXIII
Adept Presence: Adeptus Ministorum
Military: The Hasmonean Host (Frateris Militia)
Stable Warp Routes: none (transit from Scintilla ~30 weeks subjective)
Trade: minor trade in religious artifacts and some income from pilgrimages

A world of vast, dry salt flats, dust-laden winds, and harsh, chill sun; the fifth planet of the unforgiving Maccabean star system is nonetheless a blessed place. Blessed not because of the resources it is gifted with (which are few) or because of its climate (which is harsh) but because of the faith that grows in the dust. For it was in this place that a great man fell and was raised up as a saint by the glory of the Emperor. It was here that General (later Saint) Drusus was struck down by an assassin of the Great Enemy, and raised again by the Emperor's will after ten days to go on to lead the crusade that founded the Calixis Sector.

Today Maccabeus Quintus is a world of hard, bright light and deep darkness; of open, echoing spaces, of cold and arid plains and great shrine cities from which colored prayer pennants flutter. It is a distant counterweight to the primacy of the Ecclesiarchy's holdings on Scintilla. To those born and raised in the cold shadows of the Maccabean shrine cities, faith is essential to their lives. They know that no matter the harshness of their lives, they are the children of a place favored in the sight of the Emperor.

The world is run entirely by the Adeptus Ministorum, with no other Adepta being allowed a permanent presence on the world. The Imperial Cult oversees much of the day-to-day government. Everyone living on Maccabeus Quintus is expected to serve part time in the Frateris Militia, and in the event of a threat to the world the entire population can be quickly armed for war

Maccabeus Quintus is the home of the Schola of His Holy Might, the largest Schola Progenium within the Calixis Sector. Here the orphans of Imperial officials are brought up steeped in Imperial tradition to follow in their parents' footsteps of dedication, service, and sacrifice.

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