Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitor Astrid Skane


Inquisitor Vownus Kaede

Witch Finder Rhykeuss

Ordo Malleus

Inquisitor Ahlmazzi

Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Nazroth Karkarla (Deceased)


Inquisitor Olanthe Rathbone


Chartist Vessel Misericord


  • Junior Purser Darl of the Guild of Lords, Siblings, and Officers
  • Minion LePlar of the Minions of Stewardship (died)
  • Anapollo and Luneros — Twin Captains (died)
  • Callidon Ridus of the Guild of Cogs — formerly of the Guild of Refreshment, reprocessed for criminal negligence
  • Novia Aponia of the Guild of Cogs — formerly of the Seekers after Loss, reprocessed for assault
  • Arl of the Guild of Cogs — formerly of the Guild of Lightbringers, reprocessed for arson
  • Mother Superior Iphimedeia — abbess of the Sisters of the Void
  • Sister Zerabeth — of the Sisters of the Void
  • Senior Guildmember Hart of the Merciful
  • Ensign Vandegrit — last survivor of the Merciful team sent to investigate a shuttle bay breach (died)
  • Prelate Intellae of the Order of Varvera — top-ranking Ecclesiarch on board
  • Brother Jodocus of the Order of Varvera — the only survivor among those who accompanied the acolytes in the shuttle bay breach incident


  • Captain Serren Travis — Rogue Trader travelling aboard
  • Jamish Rich — a factotum for a Rogue Trader out of Port Wander
  • Bishop Nahavar of the Ecclesiarchy — travelling from Scintilla to a posting at Port Wander
  • Sir Samael Malette — a wealthy noble going from Scintilla to Port Wander
  • Medicae Howe — Sir Samael's personal physician


  • Pas Palacious — Planetary and Subsector Governor
  • Proctor Blando — Arbites commander for Hive Volg (died)
  • Proctor Reeves — new Arbites commander for Hive Volg
  • Captain Kastler — Sole surviving officer from the 212th Volg Volunteers Imperial Guard regiment (died)
  • Lieutenant Yancio — officer from the 212th Volg Volunteers Imperial Guard regiment (died)
  • Sergeant Anders — 212th Volg Volunteers Imperial Guard regiment
  • Dajana Klobu — Planetary Seneschal of the Machenko Dynasty
  • Shadrak, Mishak and Abendigo Machenko — representatives of the Machenko Dynasty on the planet


  • Missionary-Abbot Orland Skae (died)
  • King Vervai Skull
  • Skab — ganger (died)
  • Pack leader Ragna
  • Brother Lamark (died heroically)
  • Brother Severus
  • Malthus — stonemason (died)
  • Seth the Voice — rival of vervai Skull
  • Warchief Kos'ke — leader of the Mountain Clan
  • Deathsinger Esha Raine — Death Singer of the Mountain Clan

Koronus Expanse

Port Wander

  • Medicae Interrogator Sand
  • Saul Arbest — unskilled labourer (died)
  • Lily Arbest — Saul's sister (died heroically)
  • Warden Locan — ranking officer of the Magistratum in the Coscarla Division (died)
  • Draylock — innkeeper and cut-throat (died)
  • Mord and Lug — scavengers and thugs working for Draylock (died)
  • Sykes the Reclamator (presumed dead)
  • Narco Boss Chord Luntz — local drug kingpin, operator of the Third Workers' Union (died)
  • Everd Zed — one of Saul Arbest's friends, now acolyte at the Templum (presumed dead)
  • Father Fayban — custodian of the Templum (presumed dead)
  • The Surgeon — mysterious enemy, heavily augmented and dealing in xenos graft technology
  • Oberst Dray — scrap picker in the Port Wander Market, the Court of the Dead

Rogue Trader Fell Hand

  • Hadrek Fell — captain
  • Lady Ash — psyker

Rogue Trader Sabre

  • Laertes Geneso Olivares — Captain
  • Vilm Estigos — Seneschal
  • Aleph 859 — Explorator, Adeptus Mechanicus with unusually discrete augmentics
  • Sister Skent Talkos — Missionary, liaison, and ship's diplomat
  • Kerris Gorma — Void Master, a quiet type smoking IO sticks



  • His Excellency, Marius Hax - Lord High Governor of the Calixis Sector
  • Seneschal Pharius Krin — aide to the Sector Governor, in charge of Orthodoxy
  • Commissar Nixius Fang — of the Chaliced Commissariat
  • Lord Laurent Strophes — friend of Inquisitor Skane
  • Lady Julia Strophes — Lord Laurent Strophes' daughter
  • Saia Strophes — Lord Laurent Strophes' niece (died)
  • Vorlin Orday — bounty hunter (died)
  • Lady Tanae Borella — a patron of the Joyous Choir
  • Lord Raephen Verence — an important noble in service of the Calixis Sector governor
  • Lord Elsergi Krin — successful playwright
  • Caros Shoal — High Priest of the Joyous Choir (died)
  • Chronus Estrun — high-quality gem-cutter in Ambulon
  • The Oracle Ocular

Sephiris Secundus

  • Baron Havalier Saeton Ulbrexis — original leader of the Broken Chains rebellion and former lord of the Harrow Mine; now new planetary governor
  • Queen Lachryma III — former planetary governor (died)
  • Princess Lachryma IV — daughter of Lachryma III
  • Baron Alswere — current lord of the Harrow Mine, formerly an underling of Baron Ulbrexis
  • Proctor Noles Rotlan — senior officer of the Adeptus Arbites at Precinct 14 near the Harrow Mine (now attached to Inquisitor Astrid Skane's ship Pugnus Justica)
  • Regulator Mallier — Proctor Rotlan's second-in-command
  • Captain Movern Hernandez — officer of the Queen's Scourges assigned as liaison to Precinct 14
  • Assod Morir — rock-shaping, regenerating mutant, current leader of the Broken Chains rebellion
  • Throgel — large, fire-resistant mutant, one of Assod Morir's lieutenants (died)
  • Raze — psyker mutant, one of Assod Morir's lieutenants
  • Olion — mutant of the Hard Vaults section of the Harrow Mine

Ysai Ydumi

  • Pretty Boy — once part of the entourage of Lord Heran from Scintilla but thrown out with the rest of his group (died)
  • Torgo — leader of the Red Thumbs (died)
  • Thorne — leader of the Blood Fleas
  • Rockbiter — an envoy of Thorne of the Blood Fleas
  • Sweetums — Rockbiter's meanest, ugliest bodyguard (died)
  • Atlas — Torgo's envoy, or the Red Hands (died)
  • Sir Evander Philus — noble from Sibellus, hunting for xenos artifacts (died)
  • Lyra — 2nd tier collator for the seneschal of Sir Evander Philus (died)

Whereabouts Unknown

  • Technomagos Fall — Heretical Techpriest
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