Port Wander

Port Wander rests within the Rubycon II system, amidst an asteroid field partially converted into way-stations and shipyards. Almost one thousand times the size of Blessed Sol, the Rubycon II star burns a deep red and keeps watch over a lifeless system. Two immense gas giants lie on the edge of a vast asteroid field, amongst which is Port Wander.

Resembling a small city-scape with hive-like structures, chapel towers, and vast docks for space-faring vessels, Port Wander is the furthest reach of the God-Emperor’s protection before the Koronus Expanse. At the very edge of the Calixis Sector, where the Drusus Marches meets the Halo Stars, Port Wander lies close to The Maw, through which the Koronus Passage is accessible.

Port Wander is populated by a diverse mix of permanent station staff, tech priests, merchants, and anyone else attracted to the opportunities made available here. The port was founded by the Imperial Navy in 917M.40, to investigate the Warp near the Drusus Marches. Naval interests soon waned, although numerous merchants and Rogue Traders kept the port vibrant afterwards. Indeed, although heavily armed and armoured, Port Wander relies on many of those who do business here for its protection.

Mining vessels bringing gas from the nearby planets travel to and from the port frequently. Other than this, there are usually a half-dozen Rogue Trader vessels here at one time, as well as numerous other small ships bringing supplies or business opportunities. Imperial law is enforced in Port Wander, though often by turning a blind eye to some of the unsavoury elements present. Spies of various merchant houses, and every arm of the Imperium’s administration can be discovered here.

Vessels wishing to resupply their crew, foodstuff, and armaments would find all that they need here. Illegal trade is probably better conducted in Footfall, though it certainly exists here.

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