The Chaliced Commissariat

The personal troops of Sector Governor Marius Hax, the Chaliced Commissariat exists to police and control locally raised regiments and Planetary Defense Forces. Hated and feared in equal measure by the common soldier, the very sight of the laurel-wreathed chalice badge and deep red rank insignia is enough to make troopers throughout the sector blanche.

Recruits to the Chaliced Commissariat are drawn from all over the sector, and are slected for their loyalty, ambition, and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure order. They are charged with maintaining morale and loyalty within PDF units across the sector, rooting out criminality and corruption and ensuring that local loyalties never trump fear and obedience to the sector government. Their powers, remit, and sheer brutality are unusual, even within the Imperium, and has caused some controversy and dispute within the sector.

Lord Marshal Gorman of the Adeptus Arbites makes no secret of his dislike for Hax's "specially selected scum" and considers them to border on being an illegal agency. The greatist conflict, however, has come from within the true Commissariat, who hold their chaliced counterparts in open contempt. This blossomed into open conflict during the Tranch Uprising, when a Chaliced Commissar executed an Imperial Guard detachment that retreated from their post. The senior Imperial Commissar in-theater decreed that the Chaliced Commissariat had no authority over Imperial Guard units, and that in executing deserters they had committed mass murder against the Emperor's lawful forces. He then gathered up every Chaliced Commissar on Tranch and had them shot.

Since that time the Chaliced Commissariat has avoided active war zones and has confined itself to policing garrisons of the PDF, conducting brutal crackdowns at the slightest provocation. It is not unknown for an entire PDF garrison to be isolated, its officers tortured, interrogated, and shot, and its troopers shipped off to penal legions, at the merest hint of discontent.

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