The Lathes

The Lathes are a group of three worlds in the Calixis Sector, Hadd, Hesh, and Het. All three are Forge Worlds located close together in the Golgenna Reach subsector. Their highly irregular orbits result in hyper-gravitic events, allowing the manufacture of extremely high-density ammunition and blades claimed to be unbreakable. The entire system is held in fealty to the Mechanicus of Mars and non-believers require extensive permits from high authorities to visit. The population of The Lathes is estimated to be approximately five billion. The majority of these natives, the menial laborers serving the Adeptus Mechanicus are large men and women, meaty and powerful, with large bones, often described as more Ogryn than man.

The Titan Legion Venator are said to have a hidden fortress on the dead moon of Lycosidae within this system.

Much of a forge world is like an immense factory, with industrial complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into the crust. Forge worlds build great numbers of complex machines, like tanks or spacecraft parts. They are ruled by the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose training and research facilities are located there, along with the grand cathedrals to their deity, the Omnissiah, in which the Archmagi of the Tech-Priests enact the grandest, most complex rituals to honour the Machine God. The Adeptus Mechanicus’ fleets, its tech-guard armies and, most formidably of all, the Titan Legions, are also all based on forge worlds. The forge worlds are sovereign ground and the Adeptus Mechanicus is loath to allow anyone on their surface other than Tech-Priests and the legions of menials who serve them.

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