To Fenksworld

Thus, having secured the Machenko residence with the help of the Sisters of Battle, the acolytes did then dismiss the Chaliced Commissariat and sought clues while awaiting the arrival of the Ordo Xenos.

Arbitrator Fraal did seek more information from the Chaliced Commissariat, and cleverly engaged their leader, Commissar Fang. Through a clever ruse, she did manage to extract a promise that he would provide the acolytes with additional information on the origin of the writ issued to the Chaliced Commissariat for the assault of the Machenko estates. In return she promised to magnify the part played by the Chaliced Commissariat in her report.

Tech-Priest Machina, meanwhile, invoked the the spirits of the estate's system of pict recorders, beseeching them to show images of times past. Great was his fervor and great was his respect, and lo the machine spirits responded, showing him scenes of a lowly scullery maid moving near the place where the xenos artifact had been placed. Further investigation revealed that this individual was not a scullery maid at all, but some form of shape-shifting assassin who had infiltrated the estate!

Examination of the quarters of the scullery maid/assassin proved to be vexing, as the door and room were both fiendishly trapped. Tech Priest Machina was able to defuse a bomb left behind, but a second attack by a molecular acid spray severely injured Legate Investigator Jamadar and destroyed much evidence. At this time the Ordo Xenos, under the command of Inquisitor Al-Subaai, arrived and whisked the acolytes back to the Tricorn for medical treatment and interrogation. Samples of skin found on their clothing indicated that the assassin had used polymorphine, an extremely rare and unique drug, to change his/her form.

Research into the origins of the polymorphine pointed to Fenksworld as a possible origin, due to that world's abundance of petrochemical and biochemical production facilities.

Arbitrator Fraal was contacted by Commissar Fang, who reported unto her that the orders for the Chaliced Commissariat attack had originated from the offices of one of the advisers to Sector Governor Marius Hax. The Minister of Orthodoxy, Pharius Krin, had ordered the deed though Fang could not say for certain whether the idea originated from him or some other high office.

This put the acolytes in mind of an old "Friend" from Hive Sibellus - the playwright Lord Elsergi Krin. Hidalgo Hernandez determined that he would follow up this intriguing lead, and arranged to meet the young artist at a party. Lord Krin greeted his former benefactor and supporter quite cordially, and supplied him with a single dose of the rare and dangerous narcotic farcosia in exchange for a large sum of throne gelt. Further discussion confirmed that the playwright was, indeed, the son of Pharius Krin, though he claimed to be estranged from the family (a statement not entirely true).

After some considerable discussion, it was decided by Legate Investigator Jamadar that the appropriate course of action was to proceed to Fenksworld, following the Machenko Dynasty, the polymorphine, and the potential for access to the Library of All Knowing. A plan was conceived that Hidalgo Hernandez would pose as a minor noble from Sepheris Secundus - a role for which he was well-suited - coming to Fenksworld to purchase purification equipment in order to set up a water selling operation on his homeworld. Tech-Priest Machina would serve as his technical advisor, and both Arbitrator Fraal and Commissar Jamadar would serve as bodyguards.

Prior to departure a contingent of Skiitari Tech Guard arrived for Tech Priest Machina.

Of the journey to Fenksworld there is little to be said. The Quinnarius was able to be loaded aboard an Imperial Guard mass conveyor bound for Acreage, which cut travel time considerably, but the transit from Acreage to Fenksworld was still slow and frought with the dangers of the Warp. Training and research took up most of the journey.

At last did Quinnarius emerge from the warp near unto Fenksworld, and Tech-Priest Machina did guide them with skillful hands to a landing at the foetid and vile Volg Hive. Arrangements were made through the Administratum for Hidalgo Hernandez to engage in trade, and preparations were made for a meeting with the Machenkos.

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