Xenos Relics

True heroes are recognized not by their medals, but by their scars!
— Evocation to the Immortal Emperor

They take off; Xanthia senses a slumbering presence in the Xenos craft. An unpleasant array of spikes pops out both inside and outside the craft, and it makes a softly keening sound as it glides. Xanthia can hear Cherubiel chuckling in her head; Commissar-Cadet Calpurnia Jemadar has her weapon at the ready to shoot Xanthia in the back of the head if needed…

They head north, where Torgo and the Red Hands are holed up. Their gliding at high speed and the howling sounds that accompanies it scare the crap out of most people along the route. Inside a few minutes, they reach Torgo’s territory and Xanthia uses the comm system to call him out. The craft renders Xanthia’s call in a dulcet androgynous voice. Red Hand gangers posture a bit, while Xanthia scrapes the paint off the sides a bit - and hears the Machine Spirit scream in pain in her mind.

Torgo’s envoy, Atlas, comes to see what the new arrivals want; Xanthia says they want to form an alliance with “the great and powerful Torgo”. After a bit of checking, Atlas escorts them to Torgo’s current location. Unwilling to leave the craft, Xanthia attempts to use it to open a hole in the building. Unfortunately, she also riddles Atlas with flechettes. “Sorry about that,” she offers.

Torgo comes out of the building, looming. He is huge, but his ears are pointed and his eyes almond-shaped. He bellows at them, wielding a heavy metal spear, and runs at the craft. Xanthia moves the craft a bit out of his way, and tries to talk him down. They offer to send an envoy to parley; Torgo agrees but as the craft gets closer to drop Aenid off, Torgo leaps onto the open-top deck and attack.

A deadly struggle engages; the heroes are wounded but manage to take Torgo down. They head back to Blood Flea territory and give him to Thorne as a trophy. After the Fleas have finished Torgo off, Aenid crudely dissects him to locate the Xenos artefact he is reputed to have swallowed. She finds inside him disturbingly mutated organs that bear little resemblance to a human’s. In front of his spine at the base of his brain is attached a sort of gem that pulsates like a living thing. To preserve the evidence, Aenid cuts off the entire head.

Thorne has the heroes inducted in his gang. He has several more skimmers, similar to the one the Inquisitorial team used, but somewhat less disturbing and needing no psyker to command them. With them and the returned craft, Thorne’s Blood Fleas move all the people who are under their protection to the new location of the food dispensers.

The Inquisitorial team form their own protectorate among the people who have no protection, and transport them to have their own labour force. They put the people to work sifting through the new area, getting at the best artefacts quickly and gathering enough to attract the planetary authorities’ attention. This unprecedented rapid migration does indeed get attention; after a few days, a sizable contingent of Planetary forces shows up and demand that Thorne “sell” (or else) his xenos craft flotilla.

Xanthia gets the alien craft under her nominal command to open a hidey-hole, perhaps a storage space. Aenid, Xanthia, and Calpurnia hide aboard as the craft is transported off-planet with the rest of the flotilla. In their hiding place, everything is very quiet for a long time, until Aenid starts having flashbacks to her times in the warrens of the Undercity of her Hive homeworld. Xanthia knocks her (and herself) out with a stun bolt for a bit, then forces the very uncooperative Xenos craft to release them. They find themselves in a large warehouse.

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