Ysai Ydumi

Population: 20 million
Tithe Grade: Exactus Minimus
Geography: Various, with high mountains, deep oceans, thick forests, and arid plains. All life on the planet is inedible by humans.
Government Type: Holding of the Machenko Dynasty
Planetary Governor: Dame Jestilla Machenko
Adept Presence: Adeptus Mechanicus
Military: security is subcontracted to the mercenary corporation Pressure Point. A small contingent of Skitarrii Tech Guard provides security for the Adeptus Mechanicus operations.
Stable Warp Routes: none (Transit time from Scintilla ~14 weeks subjective)
Trade: importation of food and luxury items. Maintains a small trade in xenos artifacts under the auspices of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Ysai Ydumi is a large and attractive planet, considered to be the most beautiful in the sector from orbit. Its surface is varied, and patterns of golden-white clouds swirl in its atmosphere above azure seas and dark green forests. Such appearances can be deceiving, however, for life on Ysai Ydumi is completely inedible and non-nutritious to humans. One can starve to death on the planet’s surface surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and delicious looking fruit trees.

The system was originally colonized by the Adeptus Mechanicus, who set up an orbiting station in order to support expeditions to the surface to study the numerous xenos ruins which dot the planet’s surface. The incredible panorama of the planet, as seen from the station, soon attracted the interest of the Machenko Dynasty. Exactly what negotiations took place between the secretive tech priests and that ancient noble family are unknown, but the result was a massive expansion of the orbital station and a lease from the Adeptus Mechanicus to oversee the system as a pleasure world for the wealthy of the sector.

On Ysai Ydumi even the most jaded of Scintillan nobles can find unique experiences – advanced pleasure servitors, rare and exotic drugs, opportunities to explore unique xenos items, and even to live out their wildest fantasies within the imaginariam machina, where one’s very thoughts are said to become reality at a whim. Rare and otherwise inaccessible technologies are supplied by the Tech Priests for the entertainment of those who visit the station.

Ref. NAR-1
Anomaly detected.

Collation of reports over the previous 100 years indicate a growing trend: the entourages of nobles visiting Ysai Ydumi are smaller, by 1-3%, than they were when they arrived on planet according to transit logs.

  • Hypothesis: members of noble entourages are being used in blood sports
  • Hypothesis: members of noble entourages are being used in Adeptus Mechanicus experimentation.
  • Hypothesis: members of noble entourages are being abandoned at the station, reason unknown
  • Hypothesis: nobles are submitting falsified travel logs, either when going to or when coming from Ysai Ydumi, reason unknown.

Further investigation needed.

Addendum #2
Ref. NAR-1
Collation of previous data indicates that the number of missing individuals over the last 100 years is in excess of 10,000, assuming that no instances have been missed. Est. prob >90% that number of missing individuals is +50,000, >75% +100,000.

Addendum #3
Ref. Skane, A.
Observer dispatch authorized.

Addendum #4
Ref. NAR-1
Astropathic communication from observer – reports that individuals from noble servants are being dispatched to the planet’s surface, reasons unknown.

Addendum #5
Ref. NAR-1
Observer overdue.

Addendum #6
Ref. NAR-1
Observer overdue.

Addendum #7
Ref. NAR-1
No contact with observer 1 sidereal year. Presumed dead.

Addendum #8
Ref. Skane, A.
Dispatch DL-699-047-XT62891

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